Your question: Where can you scuba dive in Costa Rica?

Is Costa Rica good for scuba diving?

The Pacific coastline is also known for pelagic life. From humpback whales to manta rays, this coast is suitable to all diving levels. Remember that the southern area of the country is a protected biological reserve. … It is also the best time to dive in Costa Rica for beginner divers who prefer easy, colorful diving.

How much does it cost to scuba dive in Costa Rica?

PADI Diver Courses in Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Diving instructions, courses and certifications
Snorkeling tour $94.00
Scuba diving at Isla del Caño (two dives including all equipment) $140.00
Scuba diving at Isla del Caño (three dives including all equipment) $195.00
Resort Course (non-certification one day experience) $195.00

Can you scuba dive in Costa Rica without certification?

Nature lovers and adventurers who are not certified scuba divers who want to experience Costa Rica’s underwater wildlife. Some travelers think that scuba diving is only for the pros. The truth is anyone can do it!

Are there coral reefs on the Pacific side of Costa Rica?

On the Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast the coral reefs can be found in the coastal zone, in the Golfo Dulce (South of the country) and in the islands. Bahía Culebra, Sámara, Dominical and the corals of Corcovado National Park are highly diverse.

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Does Costa Rica have clear water?

There are a lot of rivers in Costa Rica. … The only remaining rivers in Costa Rica that often run clear to the sea flow on the Osa Peninsula in areas with rugged terrain, like the Río Agujas in Drake Bay or the Río Claro at Punta Marenco. Follow the coral if you want to find the clear water away from river mouths.