Your question: When did Jessica Watson finish sailing around the world?

Did Jessica Watson really sail around the world?

Jessica Watson (OAM) navigated some of the world’s most remote oceans and survived seven knockdowns and 210 days alone at sea to become the youngest person to sail solo, nonstop around the world, aged 16. On completion of the voyage, Jessica was met by the then Prime Minister who declared her an Australian hero.

Where is Jessica Watson’s boat now?

The Queensland Maritime Museum has become the home for Ella’s Pink Lady, after the Queensland and Commonwealth governments jointly purchased the yacht. The Pink Lady is part of sailing history after Queenslander Jessica Watson made history as the youngest person to sail solo and unassisted around the world in 2009/10.

How many months was Jessica at sea?

Teen sailor Jessica Watson has spent seven months alone at sea aboard her yacht, Ella’s Pink Lady.

How did Jessica face the knock down?

Teen sailor Jessica Watson says a violent storm that repeatedly slammed her mast into the ocean and damaged her boat caused her to question her world-record sailing attempt. During the ordeal, Jessica experienced her first knockdown, which is when the mast goes below horizontal and into the sea.

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