Your question: What is muck diving Indonesia?

What is muck dive?

Muck diving gets its name from the sediment that lies at the bottom of many dive sites – a frequently muddy or “mucky” environment. Other than muddy sediment, the muck dive substrate may consist of dead coral skeletons, discarded fishing equipment, tires and other man-made garbage.

How much does it cost to go scuba diving in Indonesia?

One Dive: INR 1700 – 2400. PADI Open Water Course: INR 19,200 – 20,200. PADI Open Water Advanced Course: INR 18,600 – 19,200. Rescue Diver Course: INR 20,200 – 21, 700.

How much is diving in Bali?

Price for Scuba Diving in Bali

Dive Site Description Price (per person for 2 dives)
Night Dive Night Dive as a Single Dive 770 000 IDR
Dive Torch Dive torch rental for the night dive 80 000 IDR
Additional Day Dive What Ever Dive Site we Have Dived that Day 360 000 IDR
Private Guide 2 dives on whatever dive site 510 000 IDR
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