Your question: Is Porth beach good for surfing?

Can you surf on Porth Beach?

Porth Beach has a very large tidal range, so during low tide, it can be quite a walk to the surf. There are both left and right breaks depending on how the sandbars have formed. Care should be taken at Porth Beach because rips do occur, usually after stormy weather. Surf is best at high-tide.

How do you know if a beach is good for surfing?

You can tell a spot has a steep profile if it gets deep very quickly. In this case the waves will break closer to the shore and they’ll be packing some power. Spots that gradually get deeper will often have gentler waves, ideal for learning to surf. Tides go in and out with high and low being roughly 6 hours apart.

Can you body board at Porth Beach?

Surfing is not permitted during these times but bodyboarding may be allowed. Check with the attending lifeguards. Porth Beach has a seasonal dog ban.

What size waves should a beginner surf?

GOOD WAVE HEIGHT FOR BEGINNER SURFERS? Generally speaking the smaller the better — but not too small that you can’t get moving. This usually means waves in the 1.5 – 2ft range (occasionally 3ft if you’re up to it).

Is Porth beach dog friendly?

Please note: Blue Flag and Seaside Award beaches have longer restrictions due to the requirements of the Award status.

Dogs are restricted on the designated beaches listed below.

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Beach Dates Times
Porth Beach, Porth 15 May to 30 September 10am – 6pm

Who owns Porth beach?

For around 12 years the holiday park was managed by John and Cathy Case and now their son Chris along with his wife Katy, manage the park. Chris said the secret to success was simple. “With a lot of holiday parks, the guests are just a number but here it’s about the personal touch we provide,” he said.

Is Porth beach Lifeguarded?

Porth is a narrow and shallow beach, surrounded by high cliffs. It’s exposure to Atlantic swells makes it a great location for surfing, although be aware that surfing is not permitted here during the Summer season while the lifeguards are on duty.