Your question: How do you determine the right length for a canoe paddle?

How do you pick a canoe paddle shape?


  1. A longer blade will maintain “bite” in a chop.
  2. A narrower blade is quieter and will enter and exit the water with less turbulence.
  3. A broad blade is more powerful and will be better suited for moving water.
  4. A broad blade, surface area being equal, will be better suited for shallow water.

How do you measure the length of a canoe?

Sit down and measure from the floor to your chin. This would be the correct shaft length if your canoe rode on top of the water. Decrease the measured shaft length by an amount equal to the expected draft of your canoe (usually about three inches for the typical touring boat).

Are longer paddle boards more stable?

A longer board will be able to hold more weight capacity and volume than a shorter paddle board. As a result, a longer paddle board may feel more stable than a shorter paddle board because the weight will be distributed forward and behind the rider.

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