Your question: Can you surf in Torquay?

Is Torquay surf beach safe?

A very popular summer beach bolstered by its name, good accessibility and surf lifesaving club. The beach is moderately safe on the bars in the patrolled areas, however avoid the rocks and strong rips, particularly toward Point Danger as, on average, 27 people are rescued here each year.

Is the Bells Beach 50 year storm real?

The Inaugural 50 Year Storm Runs In Large Waves At Bells Beach | Surfing Australia. For Immediate Release: After five years of waiting, the inaugural 50 Year Storm event was held today at Bells Beach. … It was really fun, it was a storm and the reason behind the event is no joke.”

Is Paignton good for surfing?

Paignton Surf Guide

Paignton in South Devon is a sheltered beach break that only works when conditions are just right. Winter is the favoured time of year for surfing here. Ideal winds are from the west. … Waves at the beach break both left and right.

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