You asked: Where can you dive with whales?

How much does it cost to dive with whales?

Tours like these take small groups on full day excursions to swim with the migrating whales. Many are designed to have little to no impact on the marine environment in order to best support the incredible ecosystems at Ningaloo Reef. Tours are easy to book online, and prices tend to be around $300 to $500 USD.

Are GREY whales friendly?

Gray whales are known to be very curious and inquisitive, giving them reputation of being the “friendly” whale. They often swim right up to boats and poke their heads vertically out of the water to get a better view of their surroundings in a behavior called spyhopping.

Can you swim with whales in Hawaii?

Humpback Whale Season – December to May. At Oahu Diving we occasionally get the honors of seeing and yes swimming with these majestic big mammals of the sea. There has been numerous times where we have actually had humpback whales swim right by us on a particular reef. This is both lucky and very rewarding.

Can you swim with whales in Mexico?

Liveaboard diving in Mexico is extremely popular with divers looking to encounter large pelagics and is one of the only places in the world where you can swim with humpback whales. … Minke whales, pilot whales and orcas also make an appearance in Mexican waters, making this a destination not to be missed.

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Can you swim with whales in Florida?

Swim and snorkel with the largest fish in the world! Averaging about 40 feet long and weighing 15 tons you are able to face off with the ocean’s largest creature, the Whale Shark. Each year in Isla Mujeres these gentle giants visit June through September 15th.

Is it safe to swim near a blue whale?

The peace you feel whilst swimming with the blue whales is unfathomable and you feel totally safe, despite swimming alongside an animal that is about the same size as a bus!