You asked: What is the highest cliff dive ever?

What is the highest height you can cliff jump?

The highest cliff jump ever made is almost 60 meter high (58.8m). Months went into the planning of the cliff jump that was done by Lazaro “Laso” Schaller in 2015. For reference, the usual heigh for cliff diving competitions is 27 meters.

Is Cliff jumping illegal?

Broken bones and other injuries can make it difficult to swim, which can further induce panic. As cliff jumping is illegal in some areas and frowned upon in others, many of the locations people go to are isolated, so rescue teams and lifeguards are not readily available.

How high is the Olympic high dive?

The 10-Meter Platform

In the 10m platform event, divers jump and perform acrobatics from a stable platform that is 10 meters, about 32 feet, above the pool. The 10-meter platform was introduced into the Olympic program for men in 1904, and for women in 1912.

How fast do cliff divers hit the water?

As you fall, it pulls you toward the earth, or in the case of cliff diving, toward the water, at a speed of 32 feet per second per second (9.8 meters per second per second).

What is a pencil dive?

In a pencil dive, you strive to make your body as slim and straight as a pencil. Jump feet first with your arms held tightly to your sides and your feet pressed together and pointed downward. This minimizes the surface area that strikes the water, reducing the force of impact.

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