You asked: What does chicken on a raft mean?

Whats the meaning of chicken on a raft?

“Chicken on a Raft” is naval slang for a fried egg on toast. “Dabtoes for’ard and the dustmen aft” refers to the seating order (and no doubt pecking order) at table. According to most naval slang dictionaries, “dustmen” are stokers and “dabtoes” are defined as “surface sailors”.

Where did chicken on a raft come from?

Composed by singer, songwriter, and naval submariner Cyril Tawney, of Gosport, Hampshire, dated to approximately 1967 but not recorded by Cyril himself until his album “Sally Free and Easy” in 1989.

Is chicken on a raft a sea shanty?

The navy was once known for serving a dish (if you could even venture to call it that) referred to as “chicken on a raft”. … Chicken alludes to the cold, congealed egg atop the raft, or stale piece of toast.

Who wrote the song chicken on a raft?

Who wrote chicken on a raft?

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