You asked: How deep can a US Navy submarine dive?

How deep can the deepest submarine go?

Trieste is a Swiss-designed, Italian-built deep-diving research bathyscaphe which reached a record depth of about 10,911 metres (35,797 ft) in the Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench near Guam in the Pacific.

Can a submarine go to the bottom of the Mariana Trench?

Last year, American Victor Vescovo broke the record for deepest submarine dive when he traveled seven miles down to the Mariana Trench in the Pacific.

How long can a submarine stay submerged?

The limits on how long they can stay underwater are food and supplies. Submarines generally stock a 90-day supply of food, so they can spend three months underwater. The diesel-powered submarines (not now used by the United States Navy) had a limit of several days submerged.

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