You asked: Can you swim at Sunset Beach Cape May?

Is Sunset Beach good for swimming?

Whilst the beach is famous for surfing, you can also have a great time swimming at Sunset Beach given the right conditions. In summer the water is calm and perfect for swimming. Lifeguards are typically on duty, so remember to look out for them and swim between the flags.

What is in the water at Sunset Beach Cape May?

If you are looking for a unique souvenir from your visit to New Jersey’s southernmost town, head to Sunset Beach and search for a Cape May diamond. These are pure quartz crystals, that when polished, cut, and faceted, resemble an actual diamond.

Why can’t you swim at Cape May Point?

Cape May Point State Park

The beach is free but swimming is still prohibited due to underwater hazards, like railroad tracks and the remnants of World War II gun batteries.

Is Sunset Beach Cape May free?

Sunset beach is free and breathtaking for it’s views and a multitude of rocks and shells to collect. This isn’t a great place to swim, so we went to both places. The main beach has tag fees but it’s not expensive.

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Is it safe to swim in the Delaware Bay in Cape May?

Bay beaches do not have lifeguards and can also be dangerous. Be mindful of the dangers of swimming without lifeguards and never swim alone. All Cape May County bathing beaches are monitored and tested regularly by the Cape May County Health Department under the guidelines of the State of New Jersey.

Can you swim in the Delaware Bay in Cape May?

For this reason more than any other, the Delaware bay beaches are not really swimming beaches. The exception is Lewes beach, because of its proximity to the ocean… the bay floor is sandy and swimming is wonderful, especially if you have small children.

Is Sunset Beach the same as Diamond beach?

However, these diamonds are actually quartz crystals that wash ashore as smooth rocks, so they are not real diamonds. They are pretty though, and do resemble actual diamonds once polished. The best beach to locate these diamonds is Sunset Beach in Cape May Point, NJ. Sunset beach is located on the Delaware Bay.

Is Sunset Beach on the ocean or bay?

Sunset Beach is a beach located on the Cape May Peninsula, in Lower Township, New Jersey, near Cape May Point, along the Delaware Bay, in the U.S. state of New Jersey. It is a local tourist attraction, in part due to its proximity to the SS Atlantus (locally known as the “Concrete Ship”) and the Cape May Lighthouse.

Does Sunset Beach Cape May have bathrooms?

There are bathrooms in the store and restaurant.

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Is Cape May Open to Tourists?

Cape May is a year-round destination.