Why does my snorkel mask leak?

Why is my snorkel leaking?

If a snorkel leaks it is usually in one of 3 places and you should be able to work out which is the problem. Most likely is the valve on the bottom if it has one. This could be deformed or not seated properly in the manfacturing process. Or have a grain of sand stuck in it.

Why does my diving mask leak?

The most common causes of leaks are easily fixed. The most likely cause is hair getting caught in the seal and allowing a trickle of water in. As soon as you put the mask on check that your hair is out of the way, you can get your snorkel buddy to help with this. … Having an incorrect sized mask can also cause leaks.

How do you fix a leaky snorkel?

Exhale Forcefully with the Blast Clear.

This method of clearing a snorkel is by far the most popular. The blast clear involves forcefully blowing the water out through the snorkel to eject it out through the tube. Remember you can’t do this if water gets in at the end of exhaling.

How do I fix my mask squeeze?

All you have to do is gently exhale or blow your nose occasionally as you descend. This will equalize the airspace in the mask to the pressure outside of the mask.

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