Who is the fastest 12 year old swimmer?

How much should a 12 year old swim?

10-11 year olds – One hour – 3,500 yards. 12 year olds – One Hour – 4,000 yards. 9 year olds try to achieve 3K an hour, it may NEED to be all freestyle swimming. But as the months go on, you want to incorporate all strokes, kicking, pulling and drilling.

What were Michael Phelps times at age 13?

For 13-14 year olds in May he swam 3:58 in the 400 at the Ann Arbor meet which was a National Age Group record. That was a really good swim for him and 1:55 in the 200. He was 15:39 in the long course rankings in the mile, which was really pretty average.

Can you start swimming at 13?

USA Swimming runs competitive swim meets for swimmers age 10 and under, while the YMCA offers competitive swim opportunities for kids eight-years-old and under. Most swimmers begin their competitive phase somewhere between the ages of eight and 12 years old.

What age is swimmers peak?

Generally speaking, athletes start to see physical declines at age 26, give or take. (This would seem in line with the long-standing notion in baseball that players tend to hit their peak anywhere from ages 27 to 30.) For swimmers, the news is more sobering, as the mean peak age is 21.

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How far should an 11 year old be able to swim?

The national curriculum for primary schools states that children should be able to swim competently over a distance of 25 metres. But the association’s annual census, based on a survey of primaries, found that 45 per cent of seven to 11-year-olds were unable to do this unaided.