Who is Laura on sailing Doodles?

Who is Bobby girlfriend on sailing Doodles?

Sailing White Squall

Bobby’s then-girlfriend, Laura, decided to join him on the voyage for two months. She worked as a traveling nurse, and she was planning on getting a nursing job in Florida. So Bobby left Vancouver and picked up Laura in Washington so they could begin their trip south along the west coast.

What are sailing doodles worth?

What is net worth of Sailing Doodles? Net worth of Sailing Doodles is approximately $ 234K.

How much does sailing doodles make a month?

Today Sailing Doodles has almost 60,000 subscribers and all the channel’s videos combined just hit 10 million views. At this level, White is generating approximately $4,000 a month from his videos, and that continues to grow.

Who is Taylor’s travels?

I am Taylor Francis, the creator of the YouTube Channel Taylor’s Travels. I have plans of sailing the world on my Catalina Morgan 38 named Sea Gypsy. I create entertaining travel and adventure videos for everyone to watch.

Where is Sv curiosity now?

The vessel is currently at port FORT LAUDERDALE, US after a voyage of 3 months, 16 days originating from port OPUA, NZ.

What kind of boat is millennial falcon?

THE BOAT. The Millennial Falcon is a centre cockpit, 1981 Tayana Vancouver 42 built by Ta Yang in Taiwan.

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