Where Is Off The Wall surf spot?

What is off the wall in surfing?

Off the wall is a wave just down the beach from Pipeline. The wave is for advanced riders only and is very busy when it’s going off. This is mainly a right hand wave, best in a north swell.

Where is the box surf spot?

The Box is located on the opposite (north) side of the Margaret River rivermouth, roughly 706.85 meters from the peak at Main Break. While The Box also comes out of deep water, it quickly lurches onto a shallow shelf, producing one of the shortest and most intense rides in competitive surfing.

Why is Margaret River called the Box?

Some 800 meters or so north from Main Break lurks a particularly nasty, intense righthand tube called The Box. This spot got its name because it’s so sucky it goes square when it breaks. Best in west swells from about five-to-eight feet, east winds and mid-to-high tides, The Box favors regularfooters.

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