Where do you put your stuff when surfing?

Where do you leave your belongings when surfing?

Where do you store your keys when surfing?

  • In a padlock that’s locked onto the car.
  • Bring it with you in a waterproof bag.
  • Leave the keys to your partner/coffee shop.
  • Leave them inside a towel ashore.
  • Top of a tire.

Where do you put your phone when surfing?

I would say that you should just leave your phone and wallet in the car… You can put your key on a string around your neck and put it in your wetsuite. Maybe in a water-prooved small case…

What do you do with your car keys when you swim?

Do what every local boy does, tie the car keys into the waist knot in your swim trunks…. If your rental has an electronic entry thingy, it is best to remove it from the keys and leave it stashed in the locked car.

Where do you put your phone on the beach?

How To Keep Your Cell Phone Safe at the Beach

  1. Put it in a zip lock sandwich bag. …
  2. Put it in your beach bag, but place it under your underwear and socks – hopefully they will serve as a deterrent.
  3. Leave it in a locker, but carry the locker key with you when you swim.
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How do you hide a key at the beach?

If you are worried about what to do with your car keys and other valuables at the beach, we’ve compiled a list of useful tips:

  1. Re-use empty containers. …
  2. Invest in shorts with zipped pockets. …
  3. Buy a wearable waterproof container. …
  4. Use a tennis ball. …
  5. Use a nappy.

What do you do with your car keys when you snorkel?

i put our cc and keys in a little ziploc baggie and bury it in the sand under our beach mat.