Where can I kayak on the Potomac River?

Is it safe to kayak in the Potomac River?

Safety. The Potomac River has a number of white-water rapid spots and can get pretty choppy, so it’s best to gauge your level of experience before placing your kayak in the water. … Wear a life jacket, dress for cold waters, travel in packs or at least pairs and don’t stray from your group.

Can you kayak in the Potomac?

Enjoy the sights of the Potomac River as you paddleboard or boat past the Georgetown Waterfront, Roosevelt Island, some of DC’s most stunning monuments and under the beautiful Key Bridge. Or, you can kayak and board your way up river to the C&O canal for a relaxing day of tranquility.

Can you jetski on the Potomac?

The Potomac River

The river covers a total area of 14,700 square-miles, making it the 21st largest river in the U.S. You’ll find loads of anglers, sailors, and jet skiers out on the river depending on the time of year, so watch out for other water-goers.

Can you kayak in the Tidal Basin?

Even though you cannot paddle into the Tidal Basin by the Jefferson Memorial (located past the Memorial Bridge and before the 14th Street Bridge), the pretty little trees can be seen surrounding the shoreline, and the cockpit of your kayak offers welcome seclusion from the crowds.

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Why is Potomac swimming illegal?

It is illegal to go swimming in the Great Falls area of the Potomac River, an area also known as Mather Gorge. … There are still extremely strong currents under the water that can pull the unaware swimmer down into the river’s depths.

Why is the Potomac so dirty?

Stormwater. In past decades, sewage treatment plants were a major cause of bacterial loads in the river. … This kind of pollution frequently affects the Anacostia River and Rock Creek, and can affect the adjacent segment of the Potomac.