What was the first kayak made of?

What was the material and design of the first kayaks?

Their history goes back several thousand years to the Inuit and Aleut tribes of Arctic North America. The original kayak boats were made from either light driftwood, fallen tree trunks or animal skins stretched over whale bones.

When were the first kayaks made?

The oldest known archaeological evidence of a kayak goes back 2,000 years B.P. and there is inferential evidence dating it back another 2,000 years.

Did the Inuit invent kayaks?

Kayaking, from cottage leisure fun to an Olympic sport, has come a long way from its humble arctic beginnings. Did you know that kayaks were invented by the Thule (Inuit) people that inhabited Northern Canada (Including Somerset Island), Greenland, Alaska, and Siberia? In fact, kayak is Inuktitut for “hunters boat”.

How did the Inuit make kayaks?

The Inuit and Aleut tribes built kayaks from a driftwood or whalebone framework and stretched across it sea lion skins, made waterproof with whale fat. Larger kayaks known as umiaq carried whole families and their possession, the eskimo equivalent of a van or 12 x 10.

Which indigenous group invented the kayak?

The Inuit invented many ingenious devices for lashing weapons to their kayaks. In most regions the kayak was so light that a man could carry it on his head without much effort.

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