What size snorkel fins do I need?

How do I know my fin size?

On the open heel fins, your foot should extend past the back of the boot heel a couple of inches or so and the upper lip should line up with your instep. If your foot goes too far forward in the pocket, the fin is probably too large. On the full foot dive fin, the fin should fit snugly without too much room.

How do you pick a snorkel fin?

5 tips for choosing the best snorkeling fins

  1. models with medium length blades work the best for snorkelers.
  2. choose fin with flexible yet powerful blades.
  3. the foot pocket needs to provide a snug (not tight, not loose) fit.
  4. wear them with neoprene socks to avoid rubbing.

How do I choose the right size scuba fins?

SIZING. Full foot fins are sized according to your normal shoe size. Your feet should fit the fins snugly, not too tight or too loose. On some models where sizing of the fin is across several sizes (38.5-39.5 for example), your toes may or may not stick out from the end of the foot pocket.

How do you know what size flipper to get?

Shoe Size

Start by choosing fin size based on your shoe size. If you wear a size 10 in your daily shoes, begin with a size 10 swimming fin. Upon receiving your fins, or during your visit to a Kiefer Swim Shop, make a visual comparison by aligning the sole of your shoe with the sole of your fin.

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How tight should dive boots be?

Scuba dive boots should fit similar to a shoe, a bit snug but not too tight and not too loose. Your toes should not be curled up in the end of the boot. If this happens, go a size up. Hopefully, your feet won’t be swimming in them.

Are Churchill fins good for snorkeling?

Get a pair of Churchill Makapuu body surfing fins. They are also great for snorkeling. Shorter than diving fins, but with a wider shovel (tip).

Are short fins better than long fins?

Short swim fins will generally have a longer lifespan than longer fins, as they are not as likely to stretch out. Pros: Due to the orientation of the fins, short blade fins make it easier to keep up a quick tempo at a higher kick rate, with ideal propulsion through the water.