What should you do for a diver suspected of having decompression illness after an enriched air dive?

What should you do if your enriched air computer fails during a dive?

If you computer fails during a dive, immediately ascend, make a safety stop at 15 feet for 3 minutes or longer, and end the dive.

What is the emergency procedure for suspected decompression sickness?

All suspected cases of decompression sickness should be given 100% O2 straight away and stay on oxygen during transfer of the patient to the recompression chamber. Unconscious divers, if not breathing of their own accord, will require assisted ventilation by attending medics.

How does using enriched air well within air no decompression limits affect safety?

Used with “Enriched Air Computer” you have even longer No Stop Limits. Why is it wrong to say, “enriched air is safer than air when diving well within Air No Decompression limits”? You increase your O2 exposure which can be SIGNIFICANTLY more hazardous than Nitrogen problems.

Should you accidentally exceed your dive computer’s no decompression limit quizlet?

If you exceed your no decompression limit or adjusted no decrompression limit by more than 5 minutes when using the RDP, you should: slowly ascend to 5 meters/15 feet and make a stop for at least 15 minutes, air supply permitting, then not dive for at least 24 hours.

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What is the primary benefit of diving with enriched air?

The primary benefit for using enriched air while diving is that you are exposed to less nitrogen when you go diving. The higher the percentage of oxygen in the cylinder means you will be breathing less nitrogen.

How do you treat a patient with decompression sickness?

Emergency treatment for decompression sickness involves maintaining blood pressure and administering high-flow oxygen. Fluids also may be given. The person should be placed left side down and if possible the head of the bed tilted down.

How do you manage decompression sickness?

All decompression sickness cases should have initial treatment with 100% oxygen until HBO therapy is available. Neurological, pulmonary, and mottled skin lesions should be treated with HBO therapy even if seen several days after development. Fluid administration is indicated, as this helps minimize dehydration.

What are the proper steps to take when experiencing decompression?

1. Administer CPR, if Necessary

  1. For a child, start CPR for children.
  2. For an adult, start adult CPR.
  3. Use supplemental oxygen while administering breathing, if available.
  4. Position the person on their left side in case the person vomits.
  5. Keep the person on 100% oxygen until help arrives.

Why do divers need to decompress?

The decompression of a diver is the reduction in ambient pressure experienced during ascent from depth. … It is essential that divers manage their decompression to avoid excessive bubble formation and decompression sickness.

What do scuba divers do?

Scuba diving is a form of underwater diving where the diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus in order to breathe below the water’s surface. Divers usually carry oxygen filled tanks on their back while they swim.

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