What should I wear for Tidal Bore Rafting?

What do you wear to mud slide?

What to Bring and What to Wear on your Mud Sliding Adventure

  • Wear old clothes as the mud from the riverbed can stain.
  • Money.
  • Be sure to bring a change of clothes, including a sweatshirt or long pants for after the tour.
  • Sense of Adventure.

What is the tidal bore in Nova Scotia?

A tidal bore occurs here on the Salmon River near Truro, Nova Scotia twice daily at predicted times offering a natural demonstration of the extremity of Fundy’s renowned tides. What is a Tidal Bore? A tidal bore is a tumbling wavefront which moves upstream in a river, announcing the arrival of an incoming tide.

Why is the Shubenacadie River Brown?

At peak tide, all that water piles up at the narrow end of the funnel-shaped bay and gushes into the Shubenacadie River near the historic seaport village of Maitland. … The constant erosion of those soft cliffs, along with the scouring of ancient river sediment, silts up the river and colors it sienna brown.

What should I wear to Mudgirl?

To create the perfect MUDGIRL outfit, you must consider the mud, the running, the obstacles and other surprises. The perfect balance depends on each participant, her personality and fitness level. – A formfitting, quick-dry workout shirt. – Long workout legging (or capris) is also recommended.

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