What should I look for in a shade sail?

What do you look for in a sunshade?

Look for shades that are rated for UV resistance (it should be noted on the package). Shape and Size: You’ll find sunshades available in a number of different shapes designed to fit different types of windows. Make sure the shape you choose works with your window.

How do you know what size shade sail to get?

To start with measurements, you’ll have to first choose your location and attachment points for the shade sail. After this, you’ll need to sketch out the perimeter of the shade sail accurately. Finally, measure the distance between all points accurately.

What is a good GSM for a shade sail?


  • A GSM of 80 is the sign of low tensile strength (and should be avoided)
  • A GSM of 200 is the sign of high tensile strength.
  • A GSM of 320 or higher is the sign of excellent tensile strength.

Are shade sails worthwhile?

Sun shade sails (also called ‘shade sails’ or ‘sun sails’) have become increasingly popular over the last several years, and for good reason. Not only do they look great, but they are one of the most effective and affordable solutions for bringing shade to an outdoor space – big or small, permanently or temporarily.

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Are shade sails worth it?

When selected with care, shade sails are a great way to block out harmful UV rays while adding style to your space. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and are generally constructed of UV-resistant materials. … Shade sails should also be weather resistant, so you can keep them up rain or shine.

Why do shade sails have curved edges?

Curves allow for the shade sails to be installed and tensioned properly. … The curves, also known as gores, allows for proper tensioning so that the shade sail does not move about in the wind.

Do shade sail posts need to be angled?

Ideally, they should be installed at an angle of 10 degrees for steel and 20 degrees for timber posts. The angle should be away from the shade sail, so account for the angle and the length of the turnbuckles when you dig your post holes.

Do shade sails reduce heat?

Shade sails are artistic canopies that are designed to both provide shade and add style to an outdoor area. They are made of a breathable fabric called high-density polyethylene, which blocks the harmful rays of the sun without trapping hot air beneath. This can lower temperatures under the sail by over 15 degrees!