What should I look for in a canoe paddle?

Why is lighter considered better when selecting a paddle?

Generally speaking, lighter paddles are preferred to heavier unless the type of paddling you’re intending needs maximum durability, such as whitewater. … It’s simple physics, a lighter paddle is easier to lift and swing through the air as well as pull through the water.

What do you coat wooden oars with?

I would use a marine varnish, thin the first coat about 10%, add a full strength 2nd coat, sand with 320 grit when dry, tack and add a 3rd coat. I wasn’t happy with just linseed oil on my oars when I first built mine. They got a refinishing 3 years later with thinned varnish, then 3 coats of full strength varnish.

How many coats of varnish do you need on a paddle?

Two coats of marine spar varnish (sand lightly between coats) are enough. Varnish adds weight, so don’t overdo it. Not all varnishes have UV inhibitors; choose one that does. Refinishing: If you have to completely re-finish a wooden paddle—that is, sand it to bare wood, “whisker” the bare wood before you varnish.

How do you measure for a paddle?

The best way to choose paddle length: On the water: Sit inside the canoe and measure the vertical distance from your nose to the waterline. This measurement should match the distance from a paddle’s grip to the throat, where the paddle shaft meets the blade.

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How do you measure SUP paddle length?

measure the paddle based on having your fist at the same level as your shoulder with the blade under the board and the paddle shaft straight down from your extended arms. You can even go a little shorter than that, with your hand down an inch or so below the level of your shoulder.

Is Pine good for canoe paddles?

Hardwoods such as ash, walnut, cherry, maple provide stiffness and strength and durability, while softwoods such as cedar, fir, pine, basswood offer lightweight and flex. There’s no prescribed or universal formula to building a laminated paddle. … This process can make strong paddles but often at a weight penalty.