What qualifications do you need to be a diver?

What do you need to become a diver?

You must be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma or GED, have good swimming skills, and be in good physical health. Get a physical examination from your doctor before you start diving to make sure you’re fit enough for the job. Get your scuba certification.

How do I get a diving qualification UK?


  1. Two to four day course.
  2. Includes pool dives and four open water dives.
  3. Basic scuba diving theory is learnt via. …
  4. You need to be over age 10, be able to swim 200m, tread water for 10 minutes and be in good physical health to take part in the PADI Open Water.

How long does it take to become a qualified diver?

The number of dives needed to complete the course means it can take anywhere between six weeks and six months to attain the certification.

How much does a diver make a year?

Divers make a national average salary of $49,602 per year according to Indeed Salaries where salary averages are frequently updated. Your salary as a diver depends on a variety of factors, such as your geographic location, your employer, your experience level and the type of diving you do.

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How much does diving cost?

Yes, scuba diving is an expensive hobby. You can expect to spend roughly $300 to receive your diving certification, anywhere from $200 – $2,000 on scuba diving gear, and anywhere between $75 – $150 per dive.

How do I become a professional diver?

After recording 40 dives in your logbook (remember not to lose it, at least until you become an instructor), you will be qualified to do the PADI Divemaster course, which is the first professional level in recreational scuba diving.

How much does a PADI course cost UK?

PADI Course Prices


How long does a scuba certification take?

How Long Does the Certification Process Take? Around three to four days is pretty common! If you choose to do the online course and learn diving knowledge at home, that will quicken the process.

How much is a PADI scuba diving course?

You can expect a PADI Open Water Diver certification to cost between $350-$500 depending on where you learn.

Is it hard to get scuba certified?

Is it hard to learn to scuba dive? As active recreational pastimes go, scuba diving is one of the easiest to learn. While you’re gliding around enjoying the underwater sights, you’re engaged in only three basic skills: floating, kicking and breathing. … The necessary skills are not tough for most people to master.

How can I dive for free?

Hold on to something (your buddy, the pool wall, the buoy etc.). Breathe in deeply, hold your breath for a moment, then slowly relax and let the air exhale. Repeat this process at least three times until you feel completely recovered. Do not attempt another dive for at least three minutes.

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