What kick do you use for breaststroke?

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What is the breaststroke kick called?

The leg movement, colloquially known as the “frog kick” or “whip kick”, consists of two phases: bringing the feet into position for the thrust phase and the insweep phase. From the initial position with the legs stretched out backward, the feet are moved together towards the posterior, while the knees stay together.

What kick do you do with breaststroke?

Breaststroke Kicking Tips

Concentrate on bringing your feet to your bottom rather than your knees to your chest. As your heels come up, turn your feet and knees out and push backwards in a circular motion. Keep your feet in this flat, turned out position rather than loose.

When should you kick in breaststroke?

The right time to perform the leg kick is at the end of the breathing cycle. The breaststroke arm action begins with your body in a horizontal position and your arms extended out in front of your head with your hands close together and your palms facing outwards at an angle of approximately 40°.

What is a screw kick in swimming?

From a streamlined position, bring your heels towards your bum. Concentrate on not dropping your hips or moving your knees towards your body. Your knees should move down slightly below the hip line and out so they are just outside the width of your hips at the beginning of the propulsion phase.

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What is a whip kick used for?

Whip kick is often compared to the way a frog jumps except that your knees are kept closer together. It is the kick used to generate forward motion in the breast stroke, a popular stroke with all levels of swimmers.