What is the rule for sailing vessel when meet one another?

What is the proper action of sailing vessel when meet one another?

Every vessel n sight of another and required to give way to another vessel shall, so far as posssible, take early and substantial action to give way. When one of two vessels is required to give way, the other vessel (the stand-on vessel) shall maintain its course and speed.

What should you do when approaching another vessel head on?

Head-on Approach

must take early action to steer clear of each other and steer starboard (to the right) as soon as possible in order to avoid a collision.

What is the proper action of two sailing vessels are approaching one another so as to involve risk of collision?

When two power driven vessels are crossing so as to involve risk of collision, the vessel which has the other on her own starboard side shall keep out of the way and shall, if the circumstances of the case admit, avoid crossing ahead of the other vessel.

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What must you do if you wish to overtake another vessel?

Any vessel overtaking any other vessel must keep out the way of the vessel being overtaken. The former is the give-way vessel and the latter is the stand-on vessel.

How do you overtake another vessel?

Vessel A must blow one short blast and alter course to starboard, or blow two short blasts and alter course to port, and Vessel B must return the same sound signal(s) to indicate understanding.

What should a meeting vessel on the other side answer to your signal?

When meeting head-on, or nearly so, either vessel shall signal its intention with one short blast which the other vessel shall answer promptly. Both vessels should alter their course to starboard (right) so that each will pass to the port (left) side of each other.

What should the operators of two powered vessels do that approach each other in a head on situation?

If two powered vessels approach each other in a head-on situation Both Should Stay Right And Prepare To Give Way. That means to pass each other port to port, or left side to left side, just like cars on a highway.

What should a motorboat do when approaching a sailboat head on?

Head On – When two motor boats approach each other head on, both boats turn to the right and pass each other port to port. Sailboats When encountering sailboats that are sailing, motorboats generally should give way. If you are motoring in a sailboat, you should give way to sailboats that are sailing.

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