What is the opposite of yacht?

What is another name for a yacht?

Synonyms of yacht

  • catboat,
  • ketch,
  • sailboat,
  • schooner.

What is the meaning of yatch?

n. 1. a vessel used for private cruising, racing, or other noncommercial purposes. 2. to sail or voyage in a yacht.

What is the antonym of boat?

noun. ( ˈboʊt) A small vessel for travel on water.

Antonyms. tough inedible outbid underbid unloving painless stable.

What is the antonyms of offshore?

away from shore; away from land. “cruising three miles offshore” Antonyms: inshore, onshore, shoreward, seaward.

Who is yacht?

Yacht (stylized as YACHT, Y△CHT or Y▲CHT) is an American dance-pop band from Portland, Oregon, currently based in Los Angeles, California. The core group consists of Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans, and when touring expands to include Bobby Birdman.

What is another name for a sailboat?


  • bark,
  • dinghy,
  • windjammer.

What is the difference between yatch and yacht?

Yatch is an alternative spelling of yacht. — —The preceding unsigned comment was added by 150.101.

Is Yatch a word?

No, yatch is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What do you call a big ship?

flagship. noun. a large ship that leads a group of ships.

What is boat slang for?

The most popular of the slang words and puns that BOAT stands for is the “bust out another thousand” phrase. It has some variants such as: Bankruptcy On A Trailer. Break Out Another Thousand. Blow Out Another Thousand.

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What is the synonym of canoe?

Find another word for canoe. In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for canoe, like: kayak, birch, , piragua, pirogue, birch-bark canoe, coracle, boat, canoing, sailing and skiff.