What is the message of on dumpster diving?

What is the main argument of On Dumpster Diving?

Lars Eighners essay “On Dumpster Diving” describes the lifestyle of living out of a dumpster. Lars demonstrates that anyone can achieve a fulfilling life without the constraints of society and material wealth. He finds nearly everything he needs and sometimes more just from the refuse of others.

What is the purpose of On Dumpster Diving by Lars eighner?

In his essay “On Dumpster Diving”, Lars Eighner provides information on what life is like to a homeless person, in this case himself. To that end, Eighner’s purpose does not address negative aspects of the same, rather he focuses on dumpster diving as a way of scavenging.

Who is the audience for On Dumpster Diving?

In his essay, Eighner reflects on his life as a scavenger and analyzes what people in today’s society consider “trash.” Eighner doesn’t have a specific audience, but the audience can be the general public, especially those who don’t fully understand a scavenger’s way of life.

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What is Eighner’s purpose in writing this essay?

Eighner’s essay attempts to dispel these preconceived notions by using academic diction, ethos, and a tonal shift from detached to emotionally passionate.

Where does Eighner use irony to what purpose or effect?

Lars Eighner gives an account of his life as a homeless person in “On Dumpster Diving.” In this account, Eighner frequently uses the literary device of irony to contribute to his description of diving and scavenging ethics.

What do you think is Eighner’s major point made in his essay?

His main point of his essay is how a person can survive with his or her limited resources. Eighner writes a well written persuasive essay that reaches out to two types of audiences, one who find scavenging through dumpsters interesting, and one who takes advantage of our everyday necessities.

How does Eighner arrange his essay Why do you think he chooses to divide the essay into the sections he does?

Eighner organizes his essay as if it was a “beginner’s guide to dumpster diving,” first giving a few reasons as to why one would want to dumpster dive, next describing how one would go about diving and things such as safety checking food, describing some of the experiences he has had with diving, telling about some of …

Why is eighner against searching through individuals as opposed to dumpsters?

Eighner states, “My strongest reservation about going through individual garbage cans is that this seems to me a very personal kind of invasion to which I would object if I were a householder. A dumpster is somehow less personal” (Eighner).

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