What is the heading of rows called?

What is the top row of data called?

NOTE: When displaying data in a table format, the top row is often called the table header. The cells in the row typically contain the name of each field.

What is called to heading of columns in a table?

The titles given to the columns of the table are known as captions.

What is called rows in data source?

record. This is what each row is called in a data source table.

Are the heading for the rows?

A row heading identifies a row on a worksheet. Row headings are at the left of each row and are indicated by numbers.

What is a column header?

In Excel and other spreadsheet applications, the column header is the colored row of letters used to identify each columnwithin the sheet, or workbook. The column header row is located above the row one.

What is another word for in a row?

consecutive. nonstop. short. smooth.

Which of the following is another term for a row?

What is another word for row?

line file
range strip
succession tier
consecution crocodile
sequence echelon

What is database row?

In relational databases, a row is a data record within a table. Each row, which represents a complete record of specific item data, holds different data within the same structure. A row is occasionally referred to as a tuple.

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