What is the fear of diving?

What is the fear of scuba diving called?

1 scuba diving phobia. Aquaphobia; Fear of water: Stops people going near water let alone to go diving. Thalassophobia; Fear of the seas: Speaks for itself. Bathophobia; Fear of depths: Stops people going underwater. Galeophobia; Fear of sharks: Ok if no sharks.

Why is diving so scary?

The feeling of being “trapped” underwater, perhaps exacerbated by the pressure of the water, can make some people feel claustrophobic. This can cause anything from discomfort to all-out panic, which can lead a diver to ascend too fast from depth.

Why do I panic underwater?

As you get into cold water, your heart rate and blood pressure increase and that fight or flight reflex gives you a surge of adrenaline. But this passes after a few minutes and you will relax into your swimming. It’s not just about allowing the first couple of hundred metres of each swim to overcome panicked feelings.

Can you scuba dive if you’re claustrophobic?

If diving with claustrophobia, be sure to avoid wrecks, caves, coral swim-throughs and instead, stay in open water. Immediately tell your instructor or buddy if you are uncomfortable. By notifying your instructor or buddy when you are uncomfortable, we can help prevent panic by maintaining contact and focus.

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How do I get over my fear of jumping into deep water?

The key barriers to get over are:

  1. Learn how to breathe. Take deep breaths and breathe out underwater in a slow and controlled way. …
  2. Practice gliding across the water. Push off from the poolside and get a feel for your efficiency through the water. …
  3. Learn how to submerge. …
  4. Learn how to float.

Do you need to be able to swim to scuba dive?


You won’t have to do much extensive swimming unless you take the plunge and sign up for a full open water certification course. These courses are typically held in a pool, on beaches, or from dive boats.