What is the best SUP for surfing?

What paddle boards are good for surfing?

Quick Answer The Best Paddle Boards for Surfing

  • Boardworks Kraken. View at Amazon.
  • Starboard GO Starlite. View at REI.
  • Surftech Catalyst. View at REI.
  • Pau Hana Oahu Woody. View at REI.
  • Bote Flood Gatorshell. View at REI.

What size SUP should I get for surfing?

What size SUP should I choose? The best SUP-board for surfing is usually between 8-11 feet in length and 30 inches wide. Compared to the standard wave-riding surfboards, where volume plays a huge role, in SUP surfing you don’t need to worry about that since you will not be duck diving under the waves.

Can you use a SUP for surfing?

SUP surfing

SUP surfing is one of the most thrilling activities you can do on a SUP. When the waves are too small to shortboard, take a SUP out and triple your wave count. Surfers call it one of the best cross training options you can do to improve your surfing.

How long should my SUP paddle be for surfing?

The general convention for determining the correct paddle size is to take the rider’s height and add 9-10 inches. If you’re 5’11” ideally you should get a paddle about 80-81 inches, or 6 feet 8 or 9 inches. This is the recommendation for the average user.

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Is SUP easier than surfing?

Most surfers agree surf SUP is easier than surfing. It has a much tamer learning curve and generally has you standing and riding waves a lot sooner than on a surfboard. Once you’re able to catch and follow small waves, however, the challenges of SUP will get closer to those of regular surfing.

What size sup do I need for my weight?

Guidelines for a beginner paddler / all-around SUP

Paddler Weight SUP Width SUP Length
Under 125 lbs (56kg) 31-32” 9’6″-10’9″
125-150 lbs (56-68 kg) 31-32” 9’6″-10’9″
150-175 lbs (68-79 kg) 31-33” 10’0″-12’6″
175-200 lbs (79 – 90 kg) 32-34” 10’0″-12’6″

Which iRocker sup should I get?

Racing boards should be up to 12 feet and very narrow. Width: Taller and heavier SUPers should opt for a wide, long paddle board. Performance boards are typically long and narrow, while leisure SUPers and beginners should select something like the iRocker All-Around board.