What is plane sailing method and where it is applicable?

What is the importance of plane sailing?

Plane sailing solves problems involving a single course and distance, difference of latitude, and departure, in which the Earth is regarded as a plane surface. This method, therefore, provides solution for latitude of the point of arrival, but not for longitude.

Why is it called plane sailing?

To make calculations simple, sailors assumed that the ship was sailing on a flat or a ‘plane surface’. The original expression was, in fact, ‘plane sailing’. Since spelling had not been standardised, the two words ‘plain’ and ‘plane’ were used interchangeably.

What is the meaning of plane sailing?

1 : the navigation or conducting of a ship by neglecting the earth’s curvature and considering the earth or a part of it as a plane.

What is the difference between parallel sailing and plane sailing?

Whenever ship sails on a east or west course, it is called parallel sailing. The distance travelled on this course along parallel of latitude is equal to departure. When ship sails along a rhumb line, it is called plane sailing. Rhumb line is a line on surface of earth which cut all meridians at same angle.

What is the formula for plane sailing?

These relationships are now known as the plane sailing formulae, namely: departure = distance x sine course d. lat. =distance xcosine course.

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What is Traverse sailing in navigation?

: plane sailing in which a ship follows two or more courses in succession with the difference in latitude and departure being added algebraically to find a single resultant course and distance.

What are the types of sailing in navigation?

The most common navigation methods are satnav, dead reckoning, and radar navigation.

  • Dead reckoning.
  • Pilotage.
  • Celestial navigation.
  • Inertial navigation.
  • Radio navigation.
  • Radar navigation.
  • Satellite navigation.

What are meridional parts?

: the linear length of one minute of longitude on a Mercator chart.

What is short distance sailing?

Short distance sailing is a term which is applied to sailing along a rhumb-line for distances less than 600 nautical miles.