What is a scuba first stage?

What age can a advanced 35 student start at diving?

Be aged 15 years old or over. Be a RAID Open Water 20 or RAID Explorer 30 Specialty or equivalent certification from a recognised training agency. Documented proof of prerequisite requirements needs to be presented to the appointed Dive Centre for approval prior to any in water training.

What is the difference between a regulator and octopus?

Essentially, the octopus is just a second stage regulator. Since the octopus is only used in the event of an emergency, most of them are very basic regulators. You can purchase some that have more features than the basic ones, but most octopus’ don’t come with any bells and whistles and, therefore, are very affordable.

What’s decompression sickness?

Decompression sickness is a disorder in which nitrogen dissolved in the blood and tissues by high pressure forms bubbles as pressure decreases. Symptoms can include fatigue and pain in muscles and joints.

How many feet should I stay within my dive flag?

Stay within 300 feet (90 meters) of the diver down flag or buoy in open water and 100 feet (30 meters) when diving in rivers, inlets or navigation channels. Aim to surface within 150 feet (45 meters) of the dive flag.

Why should I not turn off a dive computer between dives?

Don’t turn your computer off between dives.

Most won’t let you, but if you take out the battery or shut the computer down, it loses its memory of your previous dives and your residual nitrogen. You’ll have to allow all residual nitrogen to leave your body before resuming use of the computer.

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How big does a dive flag have to be?

Divers Flag: A rigid rectangular flag, at least 14 x 16 inches, with a white diagonal stripe that is one-fifth the width of the flag must be mounted on a float or buoy.