What is a mainstay in sailing?

How Long Do Boat Motors Last?

Where is the mainstay on a boat?

Mainstay , noun: a strong, thin line that holds the main mast of a ship forward. That makes it not just an important part of the ship’s rigging (as the non-nautical usage might imply), but absolutely critical. Otherwise, you could be dismasted.

What is a mainstay person?

a person or thing that acts as a chief support or part: Coffee is the mainstay of the country’s economy.

What is a Triatic?

noun. the rope between a ship’s mastheads.

What are sailing words?

Sailing Terms

  • Port: Facing forward, this is anything to the left of the boat. …
  • Starboard: Facing forward, this is anything to the right of the boat. …
  • Bow/Stern: The bow is the front of the boat, the stern is the back. …
  • Point of Sail: The boat’s direction relative to the wind. …
  • Helm: Where you steer the boat.

What does it mean when a ship misses stays?

To miss stays is an unsuccessful attempt to tack.

What store carries mainstays brand?

Sensing opportunity in its rival’s woes, Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, has been expanding the items in Mainstays, its store brand, from plastic storage bins, poly-cotton pillowcases and the like to the kind of upscale housekeeping and crafts products offered by the popular Martha Stewart line at Kmart.

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What is the meaning of disconcertingly?

Feeling unstable or not as ease.

What are hounds on a mast?

Wooden chocks on the mast to engage eyes formed in the lower shrouds, which are slipped over the mast of a gaff-rigged boat.

Where do you put the mast on a sloop?

In a typical masthead sloop the mast is at station 4 (waterline divided into 10 equal stations with zero at the stem/waterline intersection). In a 7/8ths sloop the mast is about at station 3, also in a ketch the main is at station 3 and mizzen at station 8.