What is a curriculum deep dive?

What will Ofsted ask in a deep dive?

Typical ofsted deep dive questions

  • why is the curriculum structured the way it is?
  • how do you ensure the National Curriculum is covered?
  • how do you ensure progression in your subject?
  • how do you track progression in your subject?
  • how do you evidence progression?
  • how do you assess progression in your subject?

What is the purpose of a deep dive?

Deep-Dive™ is the name of a technique used to rapidly immerse a group or team into a situation for problem-solving or idea creation. This approach is often used for brainstorming product or process development.

Who chooses deep dive subjects?

In primary schools, inspectors will always carry out a deep dive in reading and deep dives in one or more foundation subjects, always including a foundation subject that is being taught in the school during the time that inspectors are on-site. In addition, inspectors will often carry out a deep dive in mathematics.

Can I repeat deep dives?

Players can run a given Deep Dive as many times as they want, however the rewards can only be received once per Deep Dive.

What does a deep dive in reading look like?

Reading Deep Dives consist of the following:

Lesson observations (4 to 6 lessons) Scrutiny of books and pupils work (they’ll look at 6 pieces of work per year group, for at least 2 year groups) Discussions with a group of pupils who were in the lessons observed. Hearing children read age-appropriate unseen books.

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What is a deep dive interview?

‘ To dive deep is to analyze a specific topic in great detail. So when preparing for an interview, it is important to consider that the questions asked to require more extensive and profound responses.