What is a broach in sailing?

What is meant by the term broaching to in ship?

Broaching-to phenomena occurs when operating in following seas and when the speed of the waves is the same or faster than the ship’s speed. It often results in a ship losing steerage when it is being accelerated forwards on the steep forefront of a high wave, which is then followed by surf-riding.

What does it mean to sail by the lee?

What is sailing by the lee? … “Sailing downwind with the wind blowing over the leeward side of the boat.” L-36.com. Think of sailing by the lee as “bearing off past dead downwind.” The shroud telltales will point away from the mast.

Can a catamaran broach?

A catamaran is much better than a monohull, especially in a following sea, as a mono will plow into the front wave as it comes down, and then are susceptible to broaching down the face of the wave .

What is a jibe broach?

When sailing dead downwind in heavy air on a boat with a symmetrical spinnaker, control of the boat eventually will become a problem. One wrong wave, an unexpected puff or momentary loss of concentration by the helmsperson can lead to a gybe broach.

What is sailing downwind?

Downwind sailing refers to sailing in the direction to which the wind is blowing. It includes both Broad Reaching and Running.

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What is poop shipping?

A poop deck is a deck at the rear of a ship, generally formed by the roof of a cabin. If a wave washes over this deck from behind the vessel, it is said to be “pooped.”

When a person enters an enclosed space?

Because of zero ventilation, these enclosed places generate and store toxic gases which are either produced from chemicals stored in the place or leakage from pipelines. If a person enters such a place without taking precautions, he or she may suffer unconsciousness and sometimes even death.

What happens when a yacht broaches?

Broaching is when the boat heels too far to one side, or capsizes. The boat falls on its ear, its bow driving into the direction of the wind. The mast tips sideways, forcing its sails to sweep the water’s surface or submerge. A broach can shred sails and toss crewmen overboard.

What does the term broaching mean?

: to bring up as a subject for discussion She broached an idea.