What happened to Eleanor Guthrie in black sails?

Why did Eleanor betray Charles Vane?

Flint tells Vane that he will stand his men down from attacking the fortress in exchange for Abigail Ashe, but Vane demands the Spanish Man O’ War in exchange. … Eleanor goes to the fortress and tries to convince Vane to give up the girl, but he is not interested. She decided so to betray him.

Who killed Charles Vane in black sails?

Pirate captain Charles Vane is the last person we wanted to see leave Black Sails, and we certainly didn’t want to see it happen at the end of a rope. But Charles Vane is dead. He was hanged by the British, after a midnight trial, observed by no one. He died of his own free will.

Do Eleanor and vane get together?

Vane comes out on top of the fight, and places his head on a stake on the beach as a warning. After seeing Low’s head, Eleanor goes to Vane in the fort, and the two make love.

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