What does the R stand for in raft?

What is the F in raft writing?

The RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, Topic) writing strategy, developed by Santa, Havens, and Valdes [1], helps students understand their role as a writer and communicate their ideas clearly by developing a sense of audience and purpose in their writing.

What is a raft in math?

Using the RAFT Writing Strategy in Mathematics

RAFT stands for Role, Audience, Format, and Topic.

What is the COPS strategy?

COPS strategy is acronym of capitalization, overall, punctuation and spelling. The COPS Strategy focuses on editing, and therefore improving, a student’s writing (Hopp, 2014). COPS assist writers in organizing editing in the writing process.

What is the QAR strategy?

Question-Answer relationship (QAR) is a strategy to be used after students have read. QAR teaches students how to decipher what types of questions they are being asked and where to find the answers to them. … Think and Search Questions: Answers are gathered from several parts of the text and put together to make meaning.

What is the raft reading strategy?

RAFTS (Role, Audience, Format, Topic, Strong verb) is a writing strategy that helps students reflect on their role as a writer, the audience they will address, the varied formats for writing, and the topic they will be writing about.

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