What does PJ Fleck say after row the boat?

Does PJ Fleck own Row the Boat?

P.J. Fleck now owns ‘Row the Boat’ mantra; WMU gets money for scholarships. P.J. Fleck officially will take his “Row the Boat” mantra to Minnesota. … The slogan was adopted after Fleck’s infant son died of a heart condition.

What does Row the Boat mean at Western Michigan?

Every single person that comes in contact with our football program, fans or not, they are all going for one common goal and that is success.” … “When you literally talk about rowing the boat, you’re facing the opposite direction the bow of the boat is actually going,” he said. “You’re not able to see the future.

How much did Minnesota pay for row the boat?

The contract, which is pending final approval by the Board of Regents, will pay Fleck $4.6 million in 2020 with a $50,000 raise scheduled for each season thereafter. His prior deal from 2017, when he was hired away from Western Michigan, had him making $3.6 million this year.

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