What does Air Force surf stand for?

What is military surf?

Army Surfing, formerly The Army Surf Riders Union (ASRU), is responsible to the Army Sports Control Board (ASCB) for the correct and safe administration of the sport of surfing. Army surfing also has a range of equipment available for surfers to borrow for official events. …

What is Rnltd?

Definition. RNLTD. Report Not Later Than Date.

What is the full form of surf?

Surfing. Other. SURF. Silent Uninterrupted Reading For Fun.

Where is Operation surf?

This program is held in support of the men and women who have sacrificed so much to protect our freedom. Wounded active-duty and veteran service members from various branches of the U.S. military will take part in an epic life-changing experience at beaches across the Santa Cruz area.

Where do I find MilPDS?

For more information about the MilPDS upgrade, visit the myPers website at http://mypers.af.mil.

What is an ARI in the military?

ARI – Alcohol Related Incident.

What are Air Force nicknames?

Air Force Nicknames

Nickname Description
BULLET BLITZ The operational test and evaluation of the SRAM missile.
BULLET CASE Strategic Air Command air refueling Area 8.
BULLET PASS A Strategic Air Command operational test & evaluation of B-52 fire control system.
BUMPER MARGIN Strategic Air Command refueling Area 15.
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