What do scuba divers see underwater?

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What can you see while scuba diving?

15 Ocean Wonders Only Scuba Divers Can See

  • 1) Manta Ray, Kona, Hawaii Island. Visit Kona Honu Divers and Jack’s Diving Locker. …
  • 2) Clownfish, Raja Ampat, Indonesia. …
  • 3) Seahorses, Bonaire. …
  • 4) Molokini Crater. …
  • 5) Coral Reef, Fiji. …
  • 6) Cenote, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. …
  • 7) Whale Sharks, Maldives. …
  • 8) Ocean Cave, Palau.

What color is most visible underwater?

On water, testing found that the green and orange colors were the most conspicuous at larger distances under any illumination intensity.

Why we Cannot see under water?

So, when we open our eyes underwater, incoming light rays are hardly bent, or focused, at all. The inside lens bends the rays a little, but it can’t make up for the lost corneal refraction, so the light that reaches the retina isn’t focused and the underwater world looks blurry.

What animal is diving?

The Deepest Diving Animals

Diving Depth
Toothed whale Cuvier’s beaked whale 9.586 ft (2,922 m) **
Cartilaginous fish Rabbit fish 8,202 ft (2,500 m)
Seal Southern elephant seal 7,834 ft (2,388 m)
Toothed whale Sperm whale 7,381 ft (2,250 m) ***
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