What direction is a row?

How does flex-direction work?

The flex-direction property is a sub-property of the Flexible Box Layout module.

The flex-direction property accepts four possible values:

  • row : same as text direction (default)
  • row-reverse : opposite to text direction.
  • column : same as row but top to bottom.
  • column-reverse : same as row-reverse top to bottom.

What is the use of flex-direction?

Definition and Usage

The flex-direction property specifies the direction of the flexible items. Note: If the element is not a flexible item, the flex-direction property has no effect.

How do I set my flex-direction?

Use .flex-row to set a horizontal direction (the browser default), or .flex-row-reverse to start the horizontal direction from the opposite side. Use .flex-column to set a vertical direction, or .flex-column-reverse to start the vertical direction from the opposite side.

What is default Flex-direction?

A FlexBox layout has a direction in which child elements are laid out. The default direction is Row and rows are laid out horizontally in reading direction. This defines the main axis.

What is Flex-direction row?

Defines how flexbox items are ordered within a flexbox container. default flex-direction: row; The flexbox items are ordered the same way as the text direction, along the main axis.

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How do I reverse a row in CSS?

CSS Demo: flex-direction

If its dir attribute is ltr , row represents the horizontal axis oriented from the left to the right, and row-reverse from the right to the left; if the dir attribute is rtl , row represents the axis oriented from the right to the left, and row-reverse from the left to the right.

What Flex 1 means?

If an element has flex: 1 , this means the size of all of the other elements will have the same width as their content, but the element with flex: 1 will have the remaining full space given to it.

Which class will you give you vertical gutters?

Horizontal & vertical gutters

overflow-hidden wrapper class.

How do I make my Flexbox vertical?

Vertical align to center: The flexbox property is used to set the content to vertical align. The text content can be aligned vertically by setting the following display properties: align-items. justify-content.

How do I make my flex horizontal?

Centering Horizontally with Flexbox

To get the box to center horizontally, we need to set the parent container to display: flex; . Then we can use justify-content to center horizontally! By default, justify-content refers to the X axis (horizontal).

How do you align Flex to right?

When justify-content is set to “flex-end”, it instantly shifts all the flex-items to the end of the flex-container along the main-axis, i.e flex items get right aligned.