What are wakeboards made out of?

What material is wakeboard made of?

The majority of wakeboards are made of fiberglass wrapped around a core made of either foam or wood (sometimes, even a mix of both!). Foam-core wakeboards are often stiff, while wood-core wakeboards can be more flexible. Each of these boards offer a very different type of ride.

How are wakeboards made?

Injecting the Foam – A two-part, resin polymer forms the core of most quality wakeboards. Each material is injected separately into the mold but upon “mixing and fixing,” the two chemicals bind to each other and form a remarkably solid but flexible basis around which the rest of the board can be built.

What makes a good wakeboard?

Longer wakeboards are typically easier to ride and learn on, they have a solid boost-off-the-wake feel. Longer wakeboards are heavier which means you work harder against the weight in the air, but you also get more control. That makes longer boards great for learning tricks and the basics for the first time.

Can you customize a wakeboard?

There is over 25 different things you can customize on your wakeboard. The board’s build, material layup, and shape to name a few, each will offer differences in performance. You can factor in your desired durability, flex, pop, and swing weight.

Do wakeboards have weight limits?

Here are a few things you need to take into account: Weight is the most important factor when determining wakeboard size (see chart bel0w).

Wakeboard Sizing Chart.

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Rider Weight (lb) Rider Weight (kg) Wakeboard Length
Up to 170lbs Up to 77kgs 134 – 140cm
Up to 190lbs Up to 86kgs 135 – 142cm
Up to 200lbs Up to 91kgs 138 – 144cm

How long should your wakeboard be?

Wakeboard size chart

Rider Weight (lbs) Rider Weight (kg) Wakeboard Length (cm)
< 100 < 45 < 130
90 – 150 40 – 65 130 – 134
130 – 180 59 – 82 135 – 139
170 – 250 77 – 113 140 – 144