What are the sails on a schooner?

How many sails does a schooner have?

Schooner: A vessel with two or more masts, with the foremast shorter than the mainmast. A schooner usually has fore-and-aft rigged sails, but may also have square-rigged sails. The typical schooner has only two masts, but can have up to seven. Pride of Baltimore was and Pride of Baltimore II is a topsail schooner.

What are the parts of a schooner?

Many sailboats use more than one sail.

  • Head – Topmost corner of a triangular shaped sail.
  • Mainsail – Normally the largest sail providing driving force for the sailboat.
  • Headsail – A sail set forward of a mast.
  • Jib – A triangular shaped headsail.
  • Leech – The aft or trailing edge of a sail.
  • Luff – The forward edge of a sail.

What sails for schooner Atlas?


  • 4 Small Sails.
  • 2 Small Sails and 1 Medium Sail.
  • 2 Medium Sails.
  • 1 Small Sail and 1 Large Sail.

What is schooner rigged?

adjective. rigged as a schooner, especially with gaff sails and staysails only.

How fast can a schooner sail?

The Schooner cruises at an average of 5 knots with a maxim of 10 knots.

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