What are sail metrics?

What is Sail measure?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) developed the Strategic Analytics for Improvement and Learning Value (SAIL) Model to measure, evaluate and benchmark quality and efficiency at medical centers.

What is SAIL VHA?

SAIL, is a system for summarizing hospital system performance within Veterans Health Administration (VHA). SAIL assesses 27 quality measures in areas such as mortality rate, complications, and patient satisfaction, as well as overall efficiency at individual VA Medical Centers (VAMCs).

What is SMR 30?

The acute care 30-day SMR is the actual number of patients admitted to acute care, based on physician treating specialty, who died within 30 days of hospital admission divided by the sum of the expected deaths of all acute care patients using the risk adjusted mortality model that predicts death at 30 days.

What size jib do I need?

A minimum clew height of 36 inches is recommended, simply so the foot of the sail always clears the lifelines and does not have to be lifted or “skirted” every time the boat is tacked. Your second headsail should be a heavy working jib with an LP between 85-100%. In more than 15-18 knots, this will be the sail to use.

What is crude death?

Crude death rate indicates the number of deaths occurring during the year, per 1,000 population estimated at midyear. … The crude death rate is calculated as the number of deaths in a given period divided by the population exposed to risk of death in that period.

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What does an SMR of 1.24 indicate?

1.24 > 1.0, therefore there were excess deaths in hospital A’s ICU. 119.8 approximates to 120. Number of excess deaths = 149 -120 = 29 excess deaths. The SMR could also be expressed as 124 (124 > 100, so again this shows excess deaths).

How do you calculate SMR in ICU?

SMR = observed number of deaths / expected number of deaths

A measurement of the observed number of deaths (ICU mortality numbers should be available widely)