Quick Answer: Where can you kayak with manatees in Florida?

Can you bring your own kayak to Manatee Park?

Yes you can bring your own kayaks!!!! There is a small boat launch that you can use in the spring run!! It’s beautiful!

Where can I swim with manatees in Florida for free?

Swim with manatees for free – Hunter Springs Park

  • United States.
  • Florida (FL)
  • Crystal River.
  • Crystal River – Things to Do.
  • Hunter Springs Park.

Can you bring your own kayak to Crystal River?

You can take part in Crystal River, Florida kayaking with either your own boat or you can rent a kayak. Choose from single or double-seat kayaks or a SUP. Equipped with the right kayak for you, you’ll spend a pleasant day spotting manatee, birds and other wildlife.

Can you see manatees at Manatee Park?

It is rare to see manatees at Manatee Park between May – November. As the water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico continues to increase, manatees will no longer need to use Manatee Park as a warm water refuge.

Are there alligators in Orange River?

The Orange River wiggles around towering oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. It meanders around curvy branches that stick out into the narrow waterway making a shelf for turtles to sunbathe. It’s a home for alligators, and it provides warmer water for manatees when the weather turns cool. … “Up river is very scenic.

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Can you swim with manatees in Crystal River without a guide?

The only place you can legally swim with the Florida manatee is in Crystal River, Florida. Here, and only here, the Federal Government allows for “passive observation” in the water (keep reading to find out what this means). … Go on a manatee snorkel tour. Go without a tour.

How much is it to swim with manatees in Florida?

The price of $79 per person includes everything. You will receive your mask, snorkel, and wet suit, along with in-depth instruction about the manatees from your knowledgeable captain and friendly boat crew.

Is it illegal to swim with manatees in Florida?

Their population has hit just over 6,300 animals in Florida, an increase of only 1,267 since 1991. So it is illegal to swim with manatees in their habitat anywhere in the United States except in Citrus County.