Quick Answer: How do you prepare for Ofsted deep dive?

What will Ofsted ask in a deep dive?

Typical ofsted deep dive questions

  • why is the curriculum structured the way it is?
  • how do you ensure the National Curriculum is covered?
  • how do you ensure progression in your subject?
  • how do you track progression in your subject?
  • how do you evidence progression?
  • how do you assess progression in your subject?

How do I prepare for Ofsted?

Preparing for Ofsted Inspection Checklist

  1. Update your website! …
  2. Get a handle on your ASP data. …
  3. Make sure your staff are used to having visitors. …
  4. Take stock of your school’s’ strengths and weaknesses. …
  5. Make sure all SLT are very familiar with your SEF.

Who chooses deep dive subjects?

In primary schools, inspectors will always carry out a deep dive in reading and deep dives in one or more foundation subjects, always including a foundation subject that is being taught in the school during the time that inspectors are on-site. In addition, inspectors will often carry out a deep dive in mathematics.

What are the 4 Ofsted categories?

Currently, there are four overall judgements that Ofsted can reach about schools: Outstanding; Good; Requires Improvement; and Inadequate.

What kind of questions do Ofsted ask?

When Ofsted is close, EYFS practitioners often worry about what they’re going to ask.

Q8. How do you know what a child’s ‘next steps’ are?

  • How do you identify children’s next steps?
  • How do you record them?
  • Do you make parents/carers aware of what their child’s next steps are?
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Does Ofsted look at planning?

∎ Ofsted does not specify how planning should be set out, the length of time it should take or the amount of detail it should contain. Inspectors are interested in the effectiveness of planning rather than the form it takes.

Can I repeat deep dives?

Players can run a given Deep Dive as many times as they want, however the rewards can only be received once per Deep Dive.

What happens in a deep dive?

Deep dive: then a ‘deep dive’, which involves gathering evidence on the curriculum intent, implementation and impact over a sample of subjects, topics or aspects. … This will usually lead to school leaders bringing forward further evidence and inspectors gathering additional evidence.

What is the purpose of a deep dive?

Deep-Dive™ is the name of a technique used to rapidly immerse a group or team into a situation for problem-solving or idea creation. This approach is often used for brainstorming product or process development.