Quick Answer: Are upright rows effective?

Are upright rows worth it?

Upright barbell rows have been considered one of the best muscle building exercises for your back and shoulders. This exercise targets your front and middle heads of your shoulders, your traps, rhomboids, and even biceps. … Make sure not to lift the bar too high — this can cause shoulder impingement.

Are upright rows good for shoulders?

An upright row is an effective exercise to build strength in the shoulders and upper back. It’s a pull exercise, meaning you’ll be pulling the weight toward you and targeting your posterior chain, or the muscles on the backside of your body.

Are high pulls bad?

The Benefits of the High Pull

As we mentioned, the high pull works your entire body. Your traps, rhomboids, abdominals, glutes, delts and hamstrings will be activated— along with a number of other muscles and stabilizers. Since you don’t have to worry about catching the bar, you can also focus on lifting more.

Is an upright row a vertical pull?

The difference between the two movements is that the upright row pulls upwards in a vertical manner, where as the face pull has the load being pulled horizontally or at a slight angle, which can offer slight variations in muscles targeted by the exercise.

Do upright rows work forearms?

Close-Grip Upright Row

This version also places a fair degree of stress on upper traps as well as the forearms, which are worked to a lesser degree in the wide-grip row. With a close grip, your hands should be about 6-8 inches apart on a barbell.

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