Question: Where is the key for deep dive?

Where is the key to the bunker in Far Cry five?

The key for the bunker is inside the Boathouse which is located just below the bunker. But the door to the boathouse is locked and requires a key to open it. To enter the boathouse, you have to swim under it and you should found an entrance going inside and the key is just hanging near the door.

Where is the key for the prepper stash?

Cliffhanger Prepper Stash Location

To get the key for the stash you’ll need to head up the waterfall and find the key at the very top. Grab it, then return to the locked box to claim your rewards, including a bunch of perk points.

How do you break things underwater in Far Cry 5?

Unlock the door, head inside and turn right – you’ll see a yellow switch on the wall. Flip it and the water in the bunker will begin to drain. Now head back down the ladder inside the bunker and you should now be able to reach the boarded-up doorway. Shoot it or melee it to destroy the planks.

Where is the key on Dutch’s Island?

Key Location to Open Dutch’s Locked Room

Speak to Dutch as part of the Glimmer of Hope mission. He’ll direct you to open his nearby safe and take the gun from it. Beside the gun is the key that you require. Grab it and head back to the locked door.

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How do I get to the first bunker in Far Cry 5?

Far Cry 5 Find A Way to Access the Bunker Get Bow. First activate the power at boathouse. Then let their water out of the bunker with the nearby lever. Then open the door of the bunker, go in and smash the planks.

What they carried far cry 5 locations?

Collect the Lighters

  • Treehouse Bunker north of Cedar Lake close to where the river flows in. …
  • Whitetail Park Visitor Center, west of the Wolf’s Den. …
  • Look for the cabin between Clagett Bay and Langford Lake, north of Widow’s Creek.
  • Elliot Residence north of the Cult’s Compound, east of the Moccasin River.