Question: Where can I kayak with manatees?

Can you bring your own kayak to Manatee Park?

Yes you can bring your own kayaks!!!! There is a small boat launch that you can use in the spring run!! It’s beautiful!

Can you touch manatees in Crystal River?

Remember – Look but don’t touch manatees

The Crystal River and Kings Bay area is the only area in Florida where swimmers are monitored around manatees.

Are there alligators in Crystal River?

Re: Are there Alligators?? Well, there is gators there, but, they will stay in the more swampy, much less traveled areas, not usually where you will go to swim wih manatees.

How much does it cost to swim with manatees in Crystal River?

Our public manatee tours start at $59.95 and go up to $65 for peak manatee season (November-April). Private manatee tours are $449 for a boat that holds up to six people, larger private manatee tours can be arranged for an additional $75 per person.

Where can I swim with manatees in Florida for free?

Swim with manatees for free – Hunter Springs Park

  • United States.
  • Florida (FL)
  • Crystal River.
  • Crystal River – Things to Do.
  • Hunter Springs Park.

What is manatee season in Florida?

Manatees roam the waters of Florida from April through October — but when things get a bit chilly, they head to places like freshwater Florida springs, where the temperatures remain constant throughout the year.

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